FAQs for Camp Mo

How much does Camp Mo cost?

Camp Mo is totally free. In this uncertain summer we wanted to give back to our learning community and provide students/campers a fun, safe way to spend a few hours a day. 


What technology do you use and what do I need to prepare?

We run the camp via Edmodo. Students will need access to a laptop, phone, or tablet with the Edmodo app and will need to create a free Edmodo student account once they’ve been given instructions. No sessions are live so students will never need to be online at a certain time of the day. 


What do I get for referring friends?

Referring others ensures that you are in the same group together with your friends. 


Do I need to buy other supplies?

We will provide a short supply list prior to the start of camp. Most supplies should be available at home.


Can I sign my child up for multiple sessions?

Yes! We encourage enrolling in multiple 1-week sessions to create continuity and allow us to get to know your child better. Programming will vary so no two sessions will look exactly the same. 


What do I need to do as a parent?

You’ll get an email the evening before camp with the week’s schedule and any supplies needed for those activities. Everything else, we’ve got handled.

Why does it say that activities are available at 8:30am EST?

Each day of the camp we post the day's activities at 8:30am EST. However, the campers are able to access and complete the activities whenever they are able to! Campers never have to be one at a certain time of the day. 

Have any other questions? Write us at hello@edmodosummercamp.com! 

Camp Mo, a free Summer Camp by Edmodo